22 Degrees Capricorn – How to use this historic transit to manifest your goals!

Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres are conjunct at 22 degrees Capricorn, and on Monday, January 13th, 2020 the sun will join them. The transits of the planets in the degree of 22 degrees Capricorn don’t have to be scary… In fact, this can be a time of laying down the plans for something great in your personal life.

In numerology, 22 is the ‘master builder’. Remember that anything is possible, and you have the power to manifest your reality. 22 is the number of great potential — the potential to rise to the vibration of your wildest dreams.

Capricorn is the sign of career goals, as well as the realistic steps to reach them. If you have something you’ve been working toward, now is the time to grab the goat by the horns.

Use the current cosmic energies to set intentions, set goals and map out how you will reach them! 

Write down what you want.

Make a list of realistic, actionable steps to get there.

Fill out a planner to help you keep track of the things you have to do.

[I’ll be doing these things myself this weekend. It’s time to buy a new planner!]

A breakdown of the planets involved in the 22 degrees Capricorn conjunction…

Saturn. Rules Capricorn, so his power is strongest right now. The planet of systems, government, limitations, hard work, and realism. Harness his power to put in the real world work to reach your goals, but also to know the system so you can play your cards right.

Pluto. The planet of transformation, power, and the cycle of death and rebirth. Become the phoenix rising from the ashes. Sacrifice something from your ‘old self’ to give birth to your new reality.

Ceres. The dwarf planet and the mother of the other dwarfs and asteroids, named after the Roman Earth goddess of agriculture. Plant the seeds of your ideals in this fertile soil to manifest your future.

The Sun. Shines a big light on all of these energies and brings them to the forefront of our consciousness. The Sun is the main igniting force in our solar system, and to each of us personally. Use it’s 22-degree Capricorn energy to fuel your own creative energies toward your goals. 

To get a more specific look at how these transits will affect you personally, look at… 

Which House holds the sign of Capricorn in your chart,

Where you have planets or angles at 22 degrees in any sign,
And where you have Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Ceres in your birth chart. You can see these things for free on Astro.com in the extended chart selection (you have to create an account).

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