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Decoding Your Birth Chart: Your Rising Sign and Chart Ruler

Welcome to the Decoding Your Birth Chart series! Go get your birth chart drawing, which you can grab for free at, and a notebook, so you can take notes. You will need your accurate birth time down to the minute to find your rising sign and chart ruler.

Your Ascendant, AKA your Rising Sign, is your first impression on the world and how you look. This is the energy that you exude at first meeting, and it influences how you approach any new situation. Your Rising Sign also has an influence on how you see the world.

This is the sign that sits on the cusp (the starting point) of the first house in your birth chart — your House of Self. It’s labeled “AC” and is located on the middle-left of a chart drawing.

Your chart ruler is the planet that influences you the most, and the position of that planet, as well as the aspects to it has with other planets in your chart is important.

Once you learn your rising sign, you can figure out what your chart ruler is.

Your Chart Ruler is the planet that rules your Rising Sign.

For example, my son’s rising sign is Sagittarius, which means his chart ruler is Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.

Here is a quick reference of the signs and their rulers:

Aries: Mars β™‚οΈŽ

Taurus: Venus β™€οΈŽ

Gemini: Mercury ☿

Cancer: The Moon ☽

Leo: The Sun β˜‰

Virgo: Mercury ☿

Libra: Venus β™€οΈŽ

Scorpio: Mars/Pluto β™‚οΈŽ ♇

Sagittarius: Jupiter ♃

Capricorn: Saturn β™„

Aquarius: Uranus/Saturn β™… β™„

Pisces: Neptune ♆ ♃

You’ll notice that a few of the signs have 2 ruling planets (Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces). The 3 outermost planets weren’t even discovered until recently, so the ancient astrologers could only work with the 7 planets they knew about. We still acknowledge the influence of the classical ruling planets, as well as the modern ones.

Once you’ve figured out what your chart ruler is, look at the sign and the house it’s in your chart. If you have 2 chart rulers, you can look at both of them.

I have a friend who’s Rising sign is Scorpio, so I’ll look at both Mars and Pluto in her chart…

“AC” is on the left, the cusp of the 1st House. In this chart, the AC is Scorpio.

Pluto is in her 2nd House of Material Possessions in Sagittarius, and Mars is in her 5th House of Creativity and Children in Pisces. Mars is also conjunct her Sun, and she has a 5th House/Pisces Stellium (meaning she has 3 planets within one sign or house)

Pluto (the planet of power, passion, and secrecy) in the 2nd house tells us that material stability and owning things is very important to her, and she likes to keep these issues secret, for the most part. She’s great at taking care of her things, and she’s very protective and possessive of her things. In the generous and luck-attracting sign of Sagittarius, her hoarding is also of the spiritual nature. Some of her most prized possessions are books, spiritual objects, and mementos and souvenirs from her travels.

That’s just a small example of the insight you can get from your Rising Sign and Chart Ruler.

You should also watch where your chart ruler is in the zodiac because it will have a heavy influence on your life almost as much as your Sun sign.

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