I had the pleasure of working with these talented people!

Pasting Writing Clients…

Angela has worked with me on many projects personal and professional. With her, I was able to include great written content for a handful of websites. I just told her some basics of what was needed and she came through on her own. I highly recommend Angela for all your writing needs whether it be blogging, or to proofread a letter. She has a way with words, and she is very good at what she does. – Christie Dwyer

Angela is a driven writer and strives to meet creative deadlines in an efficient way with gripping copy and stories that both engage and inspire our readers. I have always been very grateful to both be connected with her and to have her as a freelance blogger for Miseducated in that she always has something new and exciting to offer readers that has both relevance to our blog and inspiring information for new visitors. I highly recommend her writing services to any publications that are in the market for a fresh take on issues we face in our society. – Amber Renee Fawn (Amick) Cunningham (Miseducated)

Past Reiki and Astrology Reading Clients…

With only knowing my birth info, Angela looked at my chart and told me things about myself that my coworkers don’t even know! She explains everything so well, and she gave me advice based on my biggest roadblocks and how to overcome them. I’ve taken her words to heart and I feel this has been a huge blessing. I highly recommend her readings!! – Katie Lynn

Out of all the readings I’ve gotten, Angela’s was the most helpful and the easiest to understand. She makes the whole process easy and fun. The information she gave me shed so much light on my past problems. It’s amazing how she can look at my chart and tell me what my best career path is. 10/10. – Stevie J.