January 2020 Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Cancer ♋︎

The full moon in Cancer is forcing us to focus on both our home (private life) and work/career (public life). Start of big changes in home and work balance. Big focus on balancing home and work, private life and public life.

If you’re struggling with feeling too dependent and wish to be more independent, you’ll want to harness this full moon eclipse energy with that intent. On the other side of this coin, you might feel the need to do some inner work when you’ve been putting so much effort into the outer stuff that everyone sees.

This full moon revolves around coming to terms with your inner life so you can go confidently in your career or your goals outside of family life. Cancer and Cap are cardinal signs, powerful leaders and self-motivators. The moon is at home in Cancer, so it will be easier to release emotions so you can start fresh.

This will be a penumbral eclipse – not a full eclipse. Earth’s shadow will barely be seen on the moon. Since the earth is ‘jumping in the way’ of the full moon, the energy between the Capricorn sun and Cancer moon will have an even stronger effect here on earth.

This full moon wants us to let go of the things holding us back from going after what we truly want. Along with the eclipse, it will push us into letting go and releasing our fears.

What’s holding you back? Is it a fear of the unknown? Or are you afraid of expressing your emotions and your hopes and dreams?

Capricorn Stellium

Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury are all directly opposing La Lune on the night of the lunar eclipse in Cancer. Jupiter isn’t directly opposing, but it is in Capricorn, so take this into account with the lovely expansive planet of Luck.

Check your chart to see which house Capricorn occupies to see how this month’s stellium will affect you, personally.

Pluto’s energy is purging and exorcising the demons, burning away the old to make way for the new. Use this Plutonian energy to rise from the ashes.

Saturn’s energy is about limitations, karma and reaping what you sow. What you’ve put in will come back to you. Saturn is right at home in Capricorn, the sign he rules, which means his power is strongest right now.

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, is bringing all of this to the front so we can confront these changes and talk about whatever comes up.

Things to do…

Give yourself love and self-care.

Give yourself room to cry and release.

Let go of any resentment you might have toward your past, such as roadblocks you felt were holding you back from achieving success – these might be other people or circumstances where you felt powerless.

Ground yourself and find balance by meditating, visualization techniques, any type of journaling or art therapy.

Now is the time to be totally direct and authentic in your communications.

Reflect on how much you’ve accomplished, and be honest with yourself about where you can make improvements.

Best of luck this month! Let’s kick off 2020 with a clean slate!

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