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Decoding Your Birth Chart – Your Moon Sign

Welcome back to the Decoding Your Birth Chart series! Go grab your birth chart (free from and a notebook, so you can take notes. You will need your accurate birth time to find your moon sign.

If your Sun Sign is your ego, and your Rising Sign is how you project yourself to the world, then your Moon Sign represents your inner world, your emotions, what you need to feel secure, your early childhood, and who you are when no one is looking.

If you read your Sun Sign description, and some of it sounds a little off, and you say, “This doesn’t sound like me, not completely…”, it’s because you also have a big influence from your Moon Sign.

Moon Sign Keywords

Aries Moon

You are more impulsive, combative, the first to express feelings, courageous and independent. High energy, spontaneous, and at your best, other people look to you for inspiration and leadership. At your worst, you are domineering and don’t look before you leap.

Taurus Moon

You are more down-to-earth, practical and hard to move once you’ve made up your mind. Loyal, trustworthy, calm and dependable at your best. At your worst, you are hard-headed, overindulgent, lazy and greedy when it comes to material things.

Gemini Moon

You are more sociable, versatile, childlike and inventive. Very rational, curious and lighthearted at your best. At your worst, you are shallow, gossipy, insensitive and unstable with no real direction.

Cancer Moon

You are more sensitive, nurturing, psychic and loyal. At your best, you have a great memory, caring for everyone, and very productive. At your worst, you are smothering, needy, defensive and snobby.

Leo Moon

You are more self-confident, generous, creative and goal-oriented. At your best, you are warm, optimistic, inspired and self-made. At your worst, you are pretentious, egotistical, and a show-off for a need for outside validation.

Virgo Moon

You are more methodical, helpful, hardworking and self-reliant. At your best, you’re a fast-learner, studious yet flexible, attentive to detail and reliable. At your worst, you’re hyper-critical, superficial and a hypochondriac.

Libra Moon

You are more diplomatic, sophisticated, relatable and intellectual. At your best, you’re a peacemaker who gracefully strives for fairness and harmony. At your worst, you are indecisive, lazy, two-faced and a people-pleaser.

Scorpio Moon

You are more passionate, ambitious, magnetic and intuitive. At your best, you are resourceful, alluring, self-sufficient and self-motivated. At your worst, you are overbearing, jealous, manipulative and relentless.

Sagittarius Moon

You are more open-minded, freedom-loving, enthusiastic and philosophical. At your best, you want to share your knowledge and good vibes with everyone. At your worst, you are flighty, too blunt and afraid of commitment.

Capricorn Moon

You are more tenacious, hardworking, practical and responsible. At your best, you are a great leader, trustworthy, frugal and efficient. At your worst, you are greedy, an opportunist at the expense of others, and unforgiving.

Aquarius Moon

You are more progressive, unconventional, rebellious and intellectual. At your best, you’re an activist, universally loving, humane and looking out for the good of all. At your worst, you are fanatical, radical and tend to alienate others.

Pisces Moon

You are more idealistic, empathetic, imaginative and selfless. At your best, you are compassionate, charitable and a receptive healer to others’ emotions. At your worst, you are pessimistic, too timid and a prisoner to your own emotions.

In Which House is Your Natal Moon?

Each house represents a different area of your life. The Moon makes itself at home in one of these houses, and that means its showing that this area of your life is important to your inner-self and your emotional security.

The Moon in my chart is located in Sagittarius in the 5th House, the house of Creativity and Children. This would explain why creating something is vitally important to my emotional state, and why I need to feel free (Sagittarius concept) to express my emotions and my inner “weirdness”. (I also have Uranus in the 5th!)

Interpretation of the Moon in each House:

1st House Moon

You wear your heart on your sleeve. Your emotions are always evident and are a huge part of how you express yourself and how you view the world.

2nd House Moon

Your emotional security hinges on your material wealth and your bank account. Having beautiful and luxurious things and material security keeps you happy.

3rd House Moon

You find security in your local community and have a deep need to communicate your inner feelings with other people. Your emotions are also more intellectualized with the moon in this house.

4th House Moon

Your home, your state of origin and your parents are a major source of emotional security for you. A stable home base is important to your emotional well-being.

5th House Moon

You need to express your emotions through creative pursuits, or you feel emotionally caged. Your children (not necessarily your biological children) or pets are also necessary for you to feel secure.

6th House Moon

You need to provide a service to others to feel emotionally validated. You also find emotional security through work, because you have a deep need to be useful and productive.

7th House Moon

Being in a relationship or close partnership gives you emotional security. Peace and harmony are what your heart desires.

8th House Moon

You have to feel emotionally protected, but deep intimacy is what you need to feel emotionally secure. You have an understanding of the darker side of human emotions.

9th House Moon

Higher learning, long-distance travel, philosophical pursuits and even spirituality or religion are necessary for your emotional well-being.

10th House Moon

Your emotions hinge on being admired for your achievements. You feel validated by your ambitions, goals, and entrepreneurial spirit.

11th House Moon

You have a deep need to be part of something bigger than yourself. To belong but to also distinguish yourself in your circle of friends or colleagues.

12th House Moon

You are an introvert at your core, and you need time alone to process your emotions and figure out what they’re telling you.

Review: Putting it Together

An Aquarius Moon in the 2nd house will have cool and intellectualized emotions while finding emotional security in their possessions.

A 4th house Gemini Moon will probably want to tell you all about their parents and where they came from.

An Aries Moon in the 9th House finds emotional validation by learning something new and relaying it to others.

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